Wang Xiaodong Supervises Safety Production in Linfen Company


October 5, Wang Xiaodong, Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, went to Linfen Company to supervise safety production during the holiday.

Wang Xiaodong listened to the working report on safety production of Linfen Company, and conveyed the spirit of Shanxi Coking Coal safety special meeting and the requirements of Zhao Jianze, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal, when inspecting the safety production during the holiday.

Wang Xiaodong stressed that safety work must be practical and realistic without any carelessness or falseness. It was necessary to grasp the site management firmly, select responsible team leaders, and play a role in site management; It should pay high attention to the emergence and omen of changes in dynamic factors at the scene, make a fuss about safety issues, prepare for danger in times of safety, treat the process of learning accident cases as a training education, deeply learn a lesson ,and resolutely hold the safety bottom line and discipline red line;It also need to uphold the responsibility of the own country, carry forward the fighting spirit of struggle, and ensure the value preservation and increment of state-owned assets.