Wang Xiaodong Supervises Production Safety and Energy Supply Guarantee in Guandi Mine

On January 7, Wang Xiaodong, Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, supervised the production safety and energy supply guarantee in Guandi Mine.

Wang Xiaodong went to the mine's command center to check the intelligent display platform of production safety information, the coal output monitoring system and the emergency treatment procedures, and to understand the construction, safety management and staff attendance of the intelligent working face. And then he headed for 29411 fully-mechanized mining face to examine the safety management, roadway support, roof management, equipment operation and gas extraction,etc..

Wang Xiaodong urged in-depth study and implementation of the spirits of 20th National Congress, further raising the political position, seeing responsibilities fulfilled by all the stakeholders, and resolutely carrying out the requirements of preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the production and ensuring the safety.

Wang Xiaodong stressed that field management was the foundation, leading cadres should perform their duties and grasp first-hand information on the site; It was necessary to strengthen the standardization construction and transportation management of the working face, try to improve the recovery rate of top caving coal, and make sure the connection balance, regular circulation, balanced production and dynamic standards; It also need to implement the safety and environmental protection work spirit of Shanxi Coking Coal and Xishan Coal Electricity, keep a clear mind at all times, with a high sense of responsibility , make sure the safety of mine production, and go all out to guarantee the energy supply.