Xishan Coal and Electricity Development of Circular Economy Overview Group


As early as in 1994,the Xishan coal eletricity group sixth party convention proposed that“by the coal for this,the diversified management, each industry develops simultaneously,the integrated development”the development mentality,it may be said that Xishan develops the circulation economy early thought seed.

In 1995,the Xishan coal electricity group proposed that washes out the coal resources which take the ancient junction mining area coal dressing plant the refined coal produces as the backing,the construction burns with washing in the coal power plant,forms the electric power industry;The pulverized coal ash which ,the slag by the coal production,washes out the processing to produce the gangue which and generating station produces and so on is raw material,forms the building materials industry,realizes the resources comprehensive utilization,reduces the environment pollution,reduces the transportation pressure,raises the economy efficiency.Hence,Xishan develops the circulation economy mentality to form basically,in 1997,the Xishan coal electricity group proposed that construction"coal-electricity-material" "coal-coke"two circulation industry chain's conception,realizes the resources circulation use by this,in 2003,formulated in the Xishan coal electricity group to 2010"685533"in the developmental strategy,has further been clear about the development circulation economy concrete mentality.


2005 is the Xishan coal electricity group develops the circulation economy to make substantive process the symbolic year.This year,the ancient alternating current factory(the first phase)—China at that time biggest burning with washing in the coal pit mouth power plant production operation,simultaneously completed the operation also to have the Fenyang coking garden.Take this as the symbol, Xishan forms"the coal-electrity-material"initially"the coal-coke-"two industrial chains,completes the ancient junction mining area,the Fengyang coking garden two circulation economical industry campus.Together with the Xishan thermal power plant,the Taiyuan Coal dressing plant GanguePower plant,the Duerping ore gas power station,east circulation economical projects and so on tune ore gas power station,Xishan has realized by"the resources-product-waste emission"the linear physical distribution pattern to"the resources-product-reject renewable resource circulation of materials"the pattern success transformation.walked in the national coal profession front row.

In October,2005,the Xishan coal electricity group is determined by the national six ministries and commissions for the national first batch circulation economical experiment site unit,Shanxi Provence coal system only this.On December 18,national Development and Planning Commission holds"the coal profession circulation economy,the construction to Xishan to save the coal electricity group's procedure to give the full affirmation,calls it the circulation economy"the Xishan pattern".

In June,2006,Xishan by Chinese Propaganda Department was determined that was"the construction saves the society"the special propaganda model,the Xinhua News Agency, the People's Daily News Agency ,CCTV and so on 12 central news media thorough interview reported Xishan developed the circulation economy typical procedure.

August 31,2006 to September 1,Xishan undertakes the Chinese coal profession development circulation economical scene meeting. The State Council member Department concerned, related provinces and cities Development and Planning Commission,Economic and Trade committee's comrade in charge.

The coal profession key enterprise,the scientific research courtyard represented and so on3000 people to attend the conference. Conference period,conference representative scene visit inspected Xishan to circulate the economical project,and gave highly the appraisal.