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Initiated by Xishan Coal & Electricity (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanxi Xishan Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd. was founded on April 26, 1999 upon the approval of Document No. 12 [1999] of Shanxi provincial people's government. Shanxi Xishan Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd. (“Xishan Coal & Electricity”) coded 000983 was launched in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 26, 2000. 

Well located at No. 318 Xikuang Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, the headquarters of Shanxi Xishan Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd. is 11.5 km away from the downtown area, and boasts convenient transportation. The coal resources of the company are complete in variety and fine in quality, among which the coking coal and fat coal is characterized by strong cohesiveness and cokeability. The main coal products include cleaned coking coal, cleaned fat coal, cleaned lean coal, coke and so on, which are preferred raw materials of metallurgical, electric power and chemical industries. Not only the headquarters but also its subordinate coal mines have passed ISO9002 International Quality System Authentication and the bank credit rating is AAA. The company's products are mainly supplied to key domestic steelworks, power plants and coking plants.

Shanxi Xishan Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd. has four coal mines, five coal preparation companies, twelve branch companies and ten joint-stock companies. The wholly-owned subsidiaries include Linfen Energy Company, Xishan Coal Gasification Company, Wuxiang Power Plant, Gujiao Xishan Power Plant. The holding subsidiaries include Xingneng Power Plant, Xishan Thermal Power Plant, Jinxing Energy Company, Yicheng Coal Industry, Jingtang Coking Plant, Huatong Cement Plant, Huatong Construction Material Company, etc., and the joint-stock companies include Shanjiao Finance Company, Shanxi Coking Plant, Taiyuan Coal Gasification Company, Shanxi Zhonglv Huarun Company, etc. The company extends from Taiyuan and Gujiao to Lvliang, Linfen, Tangshan and other cities, and has formed coal-electricity-material and coal-coking-chemical industrial chains of circular economy. It has the largest pithead power plant in China -- Xingneng Power Plant, which is one of the first pilot enterprises of circular economy.

Since its listing, Shanxi Xishan Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd. has been included in Shenzhen Component Index, Shenzhen 100 Index, Giant Tide 100 Index, CSI 300 Index and MSCI index as their sample stock. The company has successively won the honors of “Outstanding Coal Enterprises of China”, “National AAA Quality Credit Rating Enterprise”, “May 1 Labor Certificate of Shanxi Province”, etc. and has been awarded “Chinese Securities Journal Cup”, “Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies”, “Top 10 Most Rewarding Listed Companies”, etc. by media such as Chinese Securities Journal, China Securities and Securities Time, which bring a constant appreciation of the intangible assets of the company.