Welcome to Xishan Coal Electricity Group!

XiShan Coal Electricity Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XiShan Group) is a subsidiary under Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co.Ltd. The headquarters of XiShan Group located at Taiyuan, Shanxi province. The former name was XiShan Coal Mining Bureau which established in January 1956. After more than half a century development, XiShan Group has been witnessed to a large-scale state-owned energy group which based on coal production, engaged in multi-industries, developed comprehensively and cross-regionally, with multi-ownership model and multi-products. XiShan Group is currently the largest high-quality coking coal production base in China, and also the first batch for circulation economy drive in coal industry. XiShan Group presents the largest middling coal fueled-power plant, has a long history and rich in enterprise culture, makes distinguished contribution to the society with excellent social reputation. Comrade Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan inspected the company respectively in recent years.

XiShan Group has 22 coalmines , 9 coal preparation plants, 3 power plants, 3 coking plants,and XiShan Coal Electricity stock company-a listed company in domestic A share exchange ,it also has many production and management entities of machinery, building materials, business services. Two circular economy industry chains of “coal-electricity-construction material” and “coal-coke-chemical” have been shaped. XiShan Group has 169 branch and subsidiary companies with a toal numer of 81166 employees, the assets reach RMB 41.1 billion Yuan, above data come up by the end of 2009.


Major coalfields including XiShan, Hedong, Huoxi with total geographical area of 789.03 km2, coal reserved 92.6 billion tons. Main product include coking coal, fat coal, 1/3 coking coal, gas coal, lean coal, meager lean coal, etc. among which the coking coal and fat coal are rare resources around the world. Major coal products include fined coal for metallurgy industry, powdered coal injection (pulverized coal), high quality steam coal, screen mixed coal, and coke, of which the fined metallurgical coking coal is easy to be glued with high property of low ash, low sulfur, low phosphor, and high cohesion index.

Long term strategic cooperative partnership has been established with Baoshan iron-steel group company, Anshan iron-steel group company, HuaNeng Power International Company and many other well-known iron figures. Our products sold well in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions domestically, further exported to Japan, Republic of Korea, Germany, India, Brazil, Spain, Belgium etc. Since2000, when the company went public,“XiShan coal & electricity”, as one of the top 100 shares in the past 9years, has being performed very attractive in the stock market.

Looking to the future, XiShan Group will earnestly carry out the scientific development outlook, carry forward under the purpose of enterprise of “to contribute more to the society and employees”, we will take restructuring development as main line , target at the frog-forward development so as to reinforce the foundation of safety, accelerate the Technological innovation of products, strengthen business philosophy and fully play the role of talented person, press ahead with enterprise cultural construction ,meanwhile, XiShan Group will optimize the industries structure, improve the environment , make changes in development model and increase style, Under this guidance, we will realize the quick rise in size and quality and earnings with employees get rich, enterprise get harmony. Comprehensive build a safe, abundance, livable, happy new XiShan. A modern chemical energy group will be seen in 2015 with main business being prominent, with engaged in multi-industries of coal electricity and chemical industry and with new multi-industries. Then to realize the "116611" goal, as the output of coal will be 0.1billion tons, coke production will be more than 10million tons and in the meantime, the gross electric power installation capacity of XiShan Group will be up to more than 6million kilowatt, chemistry industry capacity will achieve 6million tons and our annual turnover of 100billion RMB yuan above and per capita income of workers and staff will be reach 0.1million RMB yuan above per year.