Company Leader Supervises Safety Production in Guandi Mine During the Holiday


October 1, Li Hui, chief accountant of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, went to Guandi Mine to supervise the safety production during the holiday.

In the safety command center, after knowing the situation of cadres on duty and safety production, Li Hui pointed out that it was necessary to continue to raise the safety awareness of the workers, do well in self-insurance, mutual insurance and joint guarantee work, and build a strong line of safety production; It was expected to adhere to the policy of safety first, strengthen the large system construction, and improve the safety guarantee ability; It also need to strengthen the safety management of weak links in special periods , strictly implement various safety technical measures, and meanwhile on-duty leaders should always grasp the safety production dynamics, do all work well, and ensure the smooth and orderly safety production during the holiday.