Shanxi Coking Coal Steering Group Supervises Safety Production during the Holiday in Duerping Mine


September 30, the steering group led by Geng Xianghua, minister of Diversified Business Management Department of Shanxi Coking Coal, went to Duerping Mine to supervise the safety production during the holiday.

The steering team had a detailed understanding of the safety management of the mine during the holiday, and had a telephone connection with the mine to understand the on-duty cadres , on-site safety management and production organization of the working face.

The steering group required earnestly to implement the spirit of the superior safety document meeting, further implement the main responsibility of production safety, implement various safety measures, strengthen the safety management of the work site, comprehensively carrying out the investigation of underground and surface safety hazards in production, continuously carry out the warning education of accident cases,to prevente and eliminate all kinds of accidents and ensure the smooth and orderly production during the holiday and the fourth quarter.