Wang Xiaodong and Taiyuan Heating Group Chairman Li Jiangang Research in Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant


 August 23, Wang Xiaodong, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Xishan Coal Electricity of Shanxi Coking Coal, and Li Jiangang, chairman of Taiyuan Heating Group Company, went to Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant to conduct on-site research on improving the reliability of the heating guarantee in Taiyuan and rational planning and use of some idle sites, heads of the relevant departments of the company attended.

After on-site inspection and discussion, Wang Xiaodong said that heating was an important livelihood project, involving thousands of households and concerning the vital interests of the masses. Gujiao Power Plant and Xishan Thermal Power should improve the political position, strengthen the equipment management, and provide a stable heating for Taiyuan City in this winter.

Li Jiangang said that as an important heat source in Taiyuan, Gujiao Power plant had made significant contributions to the city's heating supply over the years. The Heating Group should strengthen the interfacing with clients and provide users with high-quality, efficient and satisfactory heating services.