Wanbailin District Vice Governor Han Yu Conducts a Supervision of Food Safety in Ximing Mine

November 11, Wanbailin District Government Party members and vice governor Han Yu led the relevant personnel to Ximing Mine for supervision and inspection of food safety.

In the canteen of the logistics service center of the mine, Han Yu and his groups carried out a detailed inspection on the health management of employees, environmental hygiene, purchase channels of food raw material, food processing and production management and other aspects, pointed out the existing problems and put forward suggestions for rectification.

Han Yu asked to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, further strengthen food safety management, fully implement the main responsibility, improve the system of demand for certificates and receipts, and ensure that food materials could be traced back; It was necessary to strictly control food entry, staff health, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, and food sample retention, to build a solid safety line, so that the staff could eat at ease and healthily.