Wang Xiaodong Supervises the Intelligent Construction in Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant

According to the arrangement and deployment of Shanxi Coking Coal on implementing the ‘two transformation’ all around the province and the spirit of digital economy development conference to accelerate the comprehensive reform, October 21, Wang Xiaodong, Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, went to Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant to supervise the intelligent construction.

Wang Xiaodong proceeded to the centralized control center, coal quality laboratory and master studio of the factory to learn about the coal preparation production process and intelligent construction.

Wang Xiaodong required the factory to implement the conference spirit of Shanxi Coking Coal, carry out the spirit of the provincialtwo transformationand digital economy development conference, accelerate the promotion of intelligent construction, make full use of the advantages in ground communication signal stability and equipment fixed, and to build Shanxi Coking Coal a digital transformation demonstration base; meanwhile, he also asked to use the data to test the achievements of intelligent construction, plug loopholes, improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs and labor intensity, achieve intrinsic safety, and provide solid support for high-quality transformation and development of the enterprise.