Wang Xiaodong Went to Yumen 35kV Substation of Ximing Mine to Supervise the Safety Work

On October 3, Wang Xiaodong, Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, supervised the safety work of Ximing Mine Yumen 35kV Substation in spite of the rain.

Wang Xiaodong checked the main control room and power distribution room, and asked about the equipment operation, daily maintenance and management, line inspection and holiday rotations.

Wang Xiaodong called for strengthening equipment management and actively investigating the procurement of power supply equipment operation protection devices to provide a strong guarantee for production safety; promoting the upgrading of equipment, improving the reliability of equipment operation, and building a standardized substation ; strengthening the work of fire and thunderbolt preventions, increasing the intensity of inspection, focusing on the investigation and treatment of key links, to ensure the safety of power supply and substation equipment, and meet the production and living electricity demand in the mining area.