Wang Xiaodong Supervises the Safety Production in Dongqu Mine

On September 18, Wang Xiaodong, the Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity went to Dongqu Mine to supervise the safety production and required to tighten the safety string at all times and keep the bottom line of production safety to create a good environment for the success of the 20th Party Congress.

Wang Xiaodong went down to the 29810 installation working face to learn about 9# coal mining, roof management, equipment operation, fire prevention, auxiliary transportation and other conditions.

Wang Xiaodong asked the mine to highlight the focus of work, do a good job of the safety work currently and the next step, especially on the occasion of the convening of the 20th Party Congress , it was necessary to improve the political position, actively grasp the safety production with high sense of responsibility; it must attached much attention on the on-site management, to guarantee the deployment of production safety requirements in place; and it also need to strengthen the roof management, strengthen the quality of support, increase inspection, eliminate safety risks, to ensure the safety production of the mine.