Shanxi Coal Mine Labor Union Investigates Psychological Counseling Service in Xiqu Mine

June 9, Fan Xiuzhong, vice chairman of Shanxi Coal Mine Labor Union and director of Women Committee, came to Xiqu Mine to investigate the psychological counseling service for workers, the related leaders of Xishan Coal Electricity labor union attended.

Fan Xiuzhong and his group visited mental health service base, individual consulting room, group activity room, sand table sand painting room and other places successively for on-site inspection.

On the discussion, Xishan Coal and Electricity labor union introduced the construction of Xishan mental health service base, difficulties encountered in operation and problems to be solved. Xiqu Mine made a detailed report on the establishment background and operation status of the mental health service base.

Fan Xiuzhong proposed that Xiqu Mine gave strong support to the establishment and operation of mental health service base, invested a lot of human and material resources, built a platform for workers, and improve the happiness of workers. He hoped to achieve the service menu scheme in future ,combining with the needs of workers , so that the mental health service base could really live up to help workers to maintain a healthy and upward mental outlook, and inject new impetus for full-time work .