Yu Changming, President of Taiyuan Intermediate People's Court Launches Enterprise Service in Xishan

September 2, Li Jian, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xishan Coal and Electricity Group, met with Yu Changming, secretary of the Communist Party and president of Taiyuan Intermediate People's Court, Xishan general counsel Wang Jingjing attended .

 Yu Changming said the purpose of the trip was to provide legal aid to the enterprise, help them coordinate and resolve legal affairs, create a sound business environment and promote healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

Li Jian thanked the Municipal Central People's Court for helping enterprises solve difficulties, pain-points and impediments. He wished to have close communication with Municipal Intermediate People's Court to clarify common legal problems in enterprise management , understand the demand of law in development, and help the enterprise develop safely, steadily and healthily.