Xishan Researches Basic Units on Production and Special Funds of 2022 and Suggestion Scheme of Reserve Project in 2023-2024

Recently, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group deputy general manager Li Zhengchun led relevant departments to conduct special research on the production and special funds of 2022and  the suggestion scheme of reserve project in 2023-2024 for Power Company, Big Data Center, Mechanical and Electrical Plant, China Coal Machinery, New Industry Company, Public Utility Branches, Indemnification Housing Construction Company, Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Institute, Supply Company and Ambulance Brigade.

After listening to the working reports of each unit, Li Zhengchun required to strictly grasp the investment direction, and give full play to the use and social benefits of special funds ; to calculate accounts carefully, promote lean management in an all-round way, and constantly improve the level of enterprise operation.