Xishan Coal Electricity Group 2020 Skills Competition Theory Exam Begins

On July 31, Xishan Coal and Electricity Group 2020 Skills Competition theory examination was held in Xishan Education Center, Tunlan Mine and Xiegou Mine. Fan Xiaogao, vice chairman of Taiyuan Federation of Trade Unions, Li Jian, vice secretary, vice chairman and general manager of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, assistant general manager of Shanxi Coking Coal Group ,executive deputy secretary of Party Committee and chairman of Xishan Coal Electricity Group Xu Junming, inspected the examination room.

It was learned that the competition had 40 types of work, divided into theoretical examination and practical operation, in which the theoretical examination results accounted for 30% and the actual performance accounted for 70% in the total score.

A total of 654 people took the theory exam through computer and paper answers.