China Railway Taiyuan Group Deputy General Manager Bai Peifeng Investigates Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant

June 27, Bai Peifeng, deputy general manager of China Railway Taiyuan Group, visited Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant to investigate the railway operation, Xishan Coal Electricity vice general manager Dai Yonglu received.

During the investigation, the two sides exchanged views on the railway operation of Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant.

Dai Yonglu thanked Taiyuan Railway Bureau for its long-term support and assistance to Xishan and Taixuan. He hoped that the two sides would adhere to the idea of seeking development for the enterprise, actively negotiate, strengthen exchanges and work together to solve the problems existing in railway operation that have plagued production and operation at the present stage.

The basic scheme and temporary measures to solve the railway operation problems of the plant were put forward during the discussion.