Guo Wencang Met with Liang Yongzi, Chairman of Shanxi Yongxin Group

January 9, Guo Wencang, Party secretary and chairman of Xishan Coal and Electricity Group, met with Liang Yongzi, chairman of Shanxi Yongxin Group and his party, Group Company vice general manager Li Jian, and Xishan Coal and Electricity co., LTD chairman Fan Dahong also attened the meeting.

Guo Wencang welcomed Liang’s visit. He said that Xishan Coal and Electricity and Shanxi Yongxin began exchanges and cooperation as early as 10 years ago,and forged a deep friendship. Under the current economic situation, it was hoped that both sides would actively communicate, strengthen ties, give full play to their respective advantages, expand the space for cooperation, share information and finally achieve a win-win situation.

Liang Yongzi said that the development of Yongxin Group cannot be separated from the support and help from Xishan Coal and Electricity. He expected that the two parties could strengthen exchanges and cooperation, share resources well and promote a scientific, healthy and sustainable development.