Yianju Property Company Wanbailin Branch Held Fire Emergency Rescue Drill


July 25, Yianju Property Wan Bailin Branch held fire emergency rescue drill in Xishan 433 small high-rise residence community, aiming to increase fire awareness of the staff, train them to be skilled in using fire extinguishing equipment, improve the ability of fire fighting and rescue ability, and carry out rescue work quickly in an emergency and reduce the accident harm to a minimum.

At the drill site, Nanshe fire squadron officers explore the operation of fire equipment and the method to put out the initial fire, demonstrated the use of gas masks, and mainly explained the self-rescue method and how to use the fire hose and fire extinguisher.

According to the drill procedures, all the participants carried out the rescue to the floors where the fire occurred, rescued the trapped person, alerted 110 and 120, shut off the power supply and natural gas pipeline valves, evacuated the personnel until the fire was extinguished, and completed the drill successfully.