Linfen Company Hongxing Coal Industry 600,000 Tons/Year Project Got the Quality Certification


On July 18, the merger, reorganization and integration project of  600,000 Tons/Year in Hongxing Coal Industry got the quality certification of single project successfully, and Group Company deputy general manager Li Jian participated in the project argumentation meeting.

Trough the joint efforts of all the contractors, the mine's main facilities had formed, such as production system , auxiliary system and administrative utilities. 84 unit engineerings were designed and 79 had been completed,which all passed the quality certification of supervision station with the unit engineering quality certified rate of 94%,and reached the terms of the mine single project quality certification.

July 4, Group Company applied to the provincial energy bureau for single project quality certification, from 9 to11 of July, the provincial central station organized the expert group for certification, and July 18, the integration project passed once, obtained the certification in one attempt and put on record in the provincial government affairs hall.