Expert Group of Ministry of Housing and Urban - Rural Development Inspect the Central Heating project


December 13, an expert group of Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, consisting of  Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Jiang Yi, Xiao Xuwen and Wen Xueyou, and Tsinghua university and North China Power Engineering experts, came to inspect the central heating project of Xingneng Company.

The expert group inspected the first station of the heating project and the third phase of heating network system, listened to the relevant introduction, and discussed and exchanged the operation mode of the heating system and the operation and maintenance management measures during the central heating period.

The academician Jiang Yi said that the Taigu heating project not only effectively solved the heating demand of residents in Taiyuan, Gujiao and the surrounding areas, and produced good environmental and economic benefits, but also set a precedent for national long-distance heating supply.

It was reported that this investigation was an important link o evaluate and review Taigu project as a national central heating demonstration project, meanwhile, accumulated some experiences and methods for nationwide promotion of long-distance heating in the next step.