Wang Yubao Met with Wei Zhen, Chairman of Hefei University of Technology GOCOM


May 29, Wei Zhen, chairman of Hefei University of Technology GOCOM, and his colleagues visited Xishan Coal Electricity, and Group Company leaders Wang Yubao, Li Jian and Yu Jianjun discussed with the visitors.
Wei Zhen said that in the early 1990s, he had contacted with Xishan Coal and Electricity Company, and had feelings for Xishan. Over the years, he had been paying attention to the development of Xishan and hoped to deepen communication and seek cooperation in the future, so as to add impetus to the transformation and upgrading development of Xishan.

Party secretary and chairman of Group Company Wang Yubao welcomed Wei Zhen's visit and said that as the direction of enterprise development, the implementation intelligence and informationization need the support of advanced technology and intelligent equipment. GOCOM was a high-tech enterprise, and it was expected to strengthen contact, discuss together for the complementary advantages and collusion development of the both sides.