Taiyuan Taxation Bureau Director Wu Suxian Visits Xishan Coal Electricity for Investigation

 June 11, Wu Suxian, director of Taiyuan Taxation Bureau, and his group visited Xishan Coal and Electricity Company for a special investigation,  Xishan Party Secretary and Chairman Li Jian, and deputy chief accountant Chen Hao attended.

Li Jian thanked Taiyuan Taxation Bureau and Wanblin District Tax Bureau for their long-term support and help to Xishan Coal Electricity and introduced the basic situation of Xishan and the development of coal market in recent years.

Li Jian said that Xishan Coal Electricity always attached great importance to tax payment, would improve all data according to the requirements of the research team, fulfill tax obligations in accordance with the law and regulations, and help the high-quality development of the local economy.

Chen Hao reported the completion of the main indicators, tax storage and the current difficulties recently.

After listening to the report, Wu Suxian said that they would continue to support Xishan and promote the better development of the enterprise.