Xishan Coal Electricity Held Activities to Celebrate 5.12 International Nurses Day

May 12, on the arrival of ‘5·12’ International Nurses Day, in order to carry forward Nightingale's spirit, fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of the majority of nursing staff, constantly improve the quality of nursing work in the medical and health units, improve the level of nursing service, and promote the development of medical and health undertakings , Group Company commended the nursing workers who had made outstanding contributions and achieved excellent results in the nursing work in 2020-2021.

On the afternoon of May 12, Xishan Vocational Defense Station spiritual nourishment base planned and held a mental health activity for all medical staff, including understanding the subconscious, drawing psychological analysis, sandplay , relaxation and decompression, group activities and so on.

This activity not only made everyone have a deeper understanding of themselves, but also learned how to decompress in the future life, how to manage the emotion, and how to deal with interpersonal relations, so that the medical staff spent their own festival in a relaxing and jovial atmosphere.