Yang Qingmin Investigates Upgrading Project of 1.38 Million Tons in Fenyang Sanquan Park

February 19, Yang Qingmin, Shanxi Coking Coal Group deputy general manager , visited Xishan Coal Electricity to investigate the coking upgrading project of 1.38 million tons in Fenyang Sanquan Industrial Park, Xishan Coal Electricity Group deputy general manager Yu Jianjun attended.

After listening to the project report, Yang Qingmin asked to seek truth from facts, inverted list schedule, write a to-do list and play the main role. He said that the cost was designed and It should carefully analyze and judge the cost, optimize the technology and innovate continuously in the design stage; In the management process, it should change ideas, go out for research, and learn advanced technology and experience; It also should attach great importance to the basic work, keep moving, and actively communicate and coordinate with the relevant departments according to the time node, and finally  implement each work one by one .