Wanbailin District Vice Governor Li Jun Comes to Visit


January 18, Meng Yi, deputy general manager of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, met with Wanbailin District vice governor Li Jun and his group to exchange the progress of the demolition of Xishan section of Taiyuan Metro Line 1, the construction of Helongwan Road and the audit project.

Meng Yi expressed his gratitude to the Wanbailin district government for its support and help to Xishan over the years. He said that Taiyuan Metro Line 1 was conducive to solve the travel problem of Xishan people who could benefit a lot. Xishan Coal and Electricity Company would fully cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the project. At the same time, they would actively cooperate with the road construction in Helongwan and the audit project rectification to fulfill the responsibilities of the enterprise.

Li Jun said that Xishan Coal Electricity and Wanbailin District Government had supported each other with a deep friendship and tried to solve difficulties together for many years. He hoped that in the promotion of Metro Line 1 project, both sides could continue to cooperate, actively coordinate and communicate, and make overall consideration to optimize the relocation and resettlement plan. In the audit work and shanty area reconstruction, a working group should be set up to grasp the current policy, rectify in place in accordance with the requirements, accelerate the progress, and promote the implementation.