Xishan Handed over Formally the Property Management of 83,600 Workers’ Families from September 1


August 28, Taiyuan Yianju Property Management Company Wan bailin Branch was formally listed in Yumen Residential District, marking a substantial step in the separation and transfer of property management functions of Xishan Coal and Electricity Group, which was also a signal of the official launching of the separation and transfer of ‘ three supply and property’ in Xishan Coal and Electricity.

From September 1, the property management of Xishan Coal and Electricity 83,600 households living in the construction area of more than 6 million square meters were formally separated and transferred and the transition period was two years.

As a major measure for the reform of state-owned enterprises, the separation and transfer of ‘ three supplies and proverty’ not only was conducive to be a perfect, stronger and larger enterprise, improve social basic public service system, optimize public service resources and realize the professional management, but also was helpful for serving the people better and benefiting the people's livelihood.

It was learned that as a professional state-owned property management company ,Yianju Property Management Company was also the designated receiving company by provincial and municipal government in the seperation and transfer of ‘three supplies and one proverty’ .