Six Media Interviewed Xishan Coal Electricity


September 11, the interview group consisted of several media to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up and the 17th anniversary of Shanxi Coking Coal, visited Xishan Coal and Electricity to excavet news materials for intensive publicity and report, Group Company secretary of discipline inspection commision Wang Yongxin received.

During the discussion, Wang Yongxin introduced the company profile and development thinking, and presented the changes of Group Company in the past 40 years from the following aspects: mind fully emancipation, great industrial development, technological advances, overall quality improvement, huge changes in mining area, super pattern of Party building and large-scale cultural prosperity.


Afterwards, the relevant departments and basic units of Group Conpany introduced their working highlights and communicated with the reporters about the content and key points of the covers.

The interview group consisted of the People’ Daily Online Shanxi Channel, China Economic Times, China Coal Shanxi Branch, Shanxi Workers Daily, the news of the Yellow River News Online and Shanxi Coking Coal News Center, totally six media, with the theme of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 17th anniversary of the founding of Shanxi Coking Coal, excaveted the news materials and reported intensively the enterprise development achievements, reform changes, new progress and effects.