Guo Wencang Meets with Shanghai Power Group Chairman Shi Huahui

April 15, Guo Wencang, Party secretary and chairman of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, met with Shi Huahui, chairman of Shanghai Power Group and his party to have a friendly exchange on upgrading the coal mine equipment, Group Company deputy general manager Li Zhengchun attended.

Guo Wencang introduced the production safety and transformation and development, and said that improving efficiency for coal enterprises must start with the equipment revolution through cleaner production, and by improving the automation and intelligence of underground equipment to ensure mine safety. It was expected that Power Group could provide more advanced and intelligent coal mining equipment to help the high-quality development of Xishan Coal Electricity Group and broaden cooperation channels in digitization, informatization and intelligentization so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

Shi Huahui hoped to deepen the cooperation and strengthen exchanges in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services of coal mining machinery, automation control system and mining electrical equipment.