Xishan Coal Electricity Leader Meets with Li Fukui, Chief Engineer of TZ Group

April 9, Li Zhengchun, deputy general manager of Xishan Coal and Electricity Group, met with Li Fukui, the chief engineer and deputy general manager of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group.

Li Zhengchun introduced the development plan of Group Company in 2020, and hoped to strengthen exchanges, complement each other's advantages, conduct in-depth discussions on mine intelligence and automation equipment, carry out scientific research, and seek opportunities for cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Li Fukui said that the development of TZ Coal Machinery cannot be separated from the support and help of Xishan Coal Electricity, and wished to cooperate with Xishan Coal Electricity in the research and development and manufacturing of coal machinery equipment for a long time to enhance the added value of the industry and further promote the refinement and intelligence of both sides.