Guo Wencang Met with Zhu Xiaobing, Chairman of TOD Research Center of Southwest Jiaotong University

On March 26, Guo Wencang, Xishan Coal Electricity Party secretary and chairman met with Zhu Xiaobing, chairman of TOD research center of Southwest Jiaotong University, to discuss the integrated design of rail transit station, and Group Company Wang Leiying also were present at the discussion .

Guo Wencang said that following the developing trend, with the avant-garde design ,TOD mode could improve the overall appearance of Xishan area, improve the living environment of the masses, and Xishan Coal and Electricity would seize the development opportunity, make the enterprise in line with the city development to form a virtuous cycle.

Zhu Xiaobing introduced the background information and design scheme of TOD rail transit station integration and hoped that the two sides could strengthen communication, understand the development plan and help the future developing of Xishan with the TOD model.