Xishan Coal Electricity 11 Angels in White Assisting Hubei Return Safe

April 14, after a 14 - day rest period , 11 angels in white of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal Electricity, assisting COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, returned home safely. Xishan Coal Electricity held a welcome ceremony in the general hospital, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Party secretary and chairman Guo Wencang, Shanxi Coking Coal general manager assistant, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Party committee deputy secretary and the chairman of the trade union Xu Junming and the staff of General Hospital, Gujiao Mining Area General Hospital, together to meet the 11 most beautiful heroes safely home.

At the ceremony, Guo Wencang and Xu Junming sent flowers to the 11 heroes, and the colleagues who spontaneously came to welcome them home and their waiting family members had a affectionate conversation with the heroes who came back safely.

Guo Wencang welcomed the medical staff to go home and expressed the highest respect and the most heartfelt thanks to them, which marked the return of all 17 white-clad soldiers to their families.

Guo stressed that the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic had won a stage of success, but the task of prevention and control was still arduous, especially the new challenges brought by the spreading of the overseas epidemic. It was reqiured to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in communities and units, continue to maintain a high pressure, ensure to consolidate the good situation in the prevention and control work and never quit until the final victory.