Taiyuan Garrison Commander Wang Zhixiao and His Party Came to Xishan Coal Electricity for Research

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May 13, Taiyuan Garrison commander Wang Zhixiao, political commissar Yang Wenjun came to Xishan Coal Electricity for inspection and research. Shanxi Coking Coal Group general manager’s assistant and Xishan Coal Electricity Group deputy Party secretary Xu Junming attended the briefing.

At the meeting, Group Company security introduced the basic situation of armed work , the adjustment and reform of the militia.

Wang Zhixiao said Xishan Coal Electricity attached great importance to the armed work with perfect structure and implementation, hoped to strengthen communication, do a good job in the construction of enterprise militia force, to ensure that the whole militia work complete as scheduled with high quality.

Xu Junming welcomed the visitors and said that Xishan Coal Electricity Party and government payed great importance to this work, and expected to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with superior police departments in the future, and promote the enterprise militia.

Before the meeting, Xu Junming accompanied Wang Zhixiao and Yang Wenjun viewed the equipment library on the spot.