Wang Yubao Met with Qin Dongling, President of CGB Taiyuan Branch

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May 7, Qin Dongling, Party secretary and president of China Guangfa Bank Taiyuan Branch visited Xishan Coal Electricity Group, Party secretary and chairman Wang Yubao, and the chief accountant Li Xiaodong held a discussion on strengthening bank-enterprise cooperation.

ishan Coal Electricity Group was a good cooperation customer of CGB, and they would give full play to the entiry functions of financial services for the transformation development of the enterprise, expected to strengthen cooperation with Xishan Coal and Electricity in the payment and settlement, cash management, financial markets, constantly develop in depth, and achive mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wang Yubao said the development of enterprises cannot do without the support of the bank , thanked its assistance in capital, policy and financial services, hoped that CGB would exert fully its own advantages, provide more featured financial products and services, offer greater support to the enterprise in terms of capital, and promote the enterprise to develop healthily and stably.