Xishan Coal Electricity Leaders Went to Mongoli Energy Group to Talk about the Cooperation

2019-04-23 17:15:58  Views

On April 10, Li Jian, deputy general manager of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, led a team to Inner Mongolia Energy Power Investment Group Co., ltd. for matchmaking fair on the cooperation projects, deputy general managers of the cooperative partners Fan Xuegong and Zhang Qin received.

Li Jian said, Xishan Coal Electricity came to visit with sincerity to implement the development idea of focusing on its main industry of Shanxi Coking Coal Group. As the beginning of the friendly cooperation between the two state-owned enterprises, it was expected to open up new ideas and reach consensus in a win-win cooperation attitude.

Fan Xuegong and Zhang Qin introduced the cooperation intention, and hoped they could strengthen communication for megamerger and achieve a win-win result.

In the meeting, the two sides also had in-depth discussions on problems and exchanged views on how to deepen the cooperation.