Zhejiang University Professor Explain the Transformation and Upgrading and Strategic Innovation

2019-04-12 15:31:33  Views

March 31, Sunday, Xishan Coal Electricity Company held a special training on enterprise transformation and upgrading and strategic innovation. Wang Yubao, Party secretary and chairman of Xishan Coal Electiricty Group, Xu Junming, assistant to the general manager of Shanxi Coking Coal and executive deputy secretary of Party committee of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, as well as the leaders in charge of the departments ,the directly affiliated units and the basic units,totally more than 300 people ,attended the lectures.

In this lecture, Zheng Jianzhuang specially invited, doctor ,professor and master tutor of School of Management , Zhejiang University, explained what was the transformation and upgrading, why to do it and how to carry out and also put forward many inspiring suggestions.