Li Xiaodong Met with Visitors from Wanbailin District Finance Bureau and Tax Bureau

2019-04-12 15:29:37  Views:

March 22, Li Xiaodong, chief accountant of Group Company, met with Ni Yubing, director of Finance Bureau of Wanbailin District of  Taiyuan City, and Zhou Xiaoming, director of Tax Bureau, to discuss the cooperation between tax and enterprise.

Li Xiaodong introduced the main indicator and the taxes in 2018 ,and the existing difficulties and problems need to solve. And then he said that paying taxes according to law was the obligation to every enterprise, hoped Finance Bureau and Tax Bureau would give more support to solve the tax problem in the development ,make enterprises could enjoy the tax policy in time, and promote a better and faster development.

According to Ni Yubing and Zhou Xiaoming, Xishan Coal Electricity was a large state-owned coal enterprise and the major taxpayer in Shanxi Province, so the finance bureau and tax bureau would provide high-quality services as always, intensify the publicity of tax policies, continuously improve tax paying service standards, and create a better environment for enterprises. They said they would carefully study the proposals put forward by the company and help to coordinate to the maximum extent within the scope of the policy.