He Zhihong Visits Shengju Coal Industry to Supervise Ggeological Disaster Prevention and Control

2019-04-12 15:28:17  Views

March 20, He Zhihong, chief engineer of Xishan Coal Electricity Group, visited Shengju Coal Industry to supervise the geological disaster prevention and control.

He Zhihong conducted on-site guidance to the high loess slope at the back of the boiler room and the east side of the air compressor room, and required to strengthen prevention and control to ensure safety. He also demanded to carefully draw lessons from 3•15 landslide accident in Xiangning County of Linfen City, andasked the mine leaders to go deep into the site to investigate potential geological hazards without leaving blind spots , especially in the special period of ice and snow melting to ensure the safety and sustainable development of the mine.