Zhang Qiang, Vice Chairman of China Literary Federation of Coal Mines, Came to Xishan Coal Electrici

2019-03-27 09:46:58  Views

March 14, vice chairman Zhang qiang and secretary-general Sheng Jun of China Literary Federation of Coal Mines came to Xishan Coal Electricity Group to investigate staff culture construction, accompanied by Wang Lianmin ,full-time deputy Party secretary, vice chairman and deputy general manager of Shanxi Coking Coal, and Guo Wenbin, chairman of Xishan Coal and Electricity trade union.
Guo Wenbin reported the staff culture and cultural position constructions of Xishan Coal Electriciy in recent years, Wang Lianmin stressed the importance of enterprise culture construction and cultural activities of the staff, and Zhang Qiang believed that Xishan Coal Electricity attached great importance to the cultural work with stable cultural position and professional art groups.
During the investigation, Zhang Qiang and his party visited Xishan Workers' Cultural Palace and the cultural activity place of Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant.