Gujiao General Hospital Conducts Coal Mine Safety First Aid Training

2019-03-13 17:28:38  Views

On the afternoon of February 27th, Gujiao General Hospital and Xiqu Mine jointly held the first aid trauma training in coal mine.

Yang Xiuyun, director of ICU and Emergency Department of the hospital, made explaination from four aspects ,such as, field first aid procedures, unarmed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, four techniques in trauma first aid, including hemostasis, dressing, fixation and transportation, and four typical cases. Four medical technicians demonstrated the first aid technique of trauma.

This training was the first station of on-the-spot trauma first aid training of Gujiao General Hospital. After that, they would go deep into every mine, factory, coal gasification company and local coal mine in Gujiao to popularize the knowledge of on-the-spot trauma first aid.

After the training, the cadres and workers who participated in the training scanned the code with their mobile phones and established the first aid training group for Xiqu Mine safety, so as to facilitate the direct communication between medical personnel and on-site rescuers.