Shandong Rizhao Emergency Management Bureau Conducted Exchanges in Xiqu Mine

2019-03-13 17:17:45  Views:

February 17, Zhang Dong, director of Rizhao Emergency Management Bureau of Shandong Province, and Ding Mingbo, deputy director, accompanied by Fan Wensheng, secretary of Party committee and chairman of Coal Sales co., LTD., assistant to the general manager of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, and other relevant department heads, visited Xiqu Mine to conduct an in-depth exchange on production safety and management experience.

Zhangdong and his delegation first visited the scheduling center and had an in-depth understanding of the organization of mine production and the emergency rescue system. Then They went down the well to the 28308 working face , and observed the complete working cycle of fully mechanized mining at site, inquired about the use and maintenance of the equipmentatthe operation site, and understood the safety management methods in the process of operation in detail.