Xishan Coal Electricity Opens a Lecture Hall on Traffic Safety for Spring Festival Transportation

2019-02-13 10:25:53  Views:

In order to ensure the safe and smooth travel during the Spring Festival, January 30, Group Company security department , Wanbailin District Committee and District Government and Traffic Police detachment, carried out an activity of Traffic safety lecture hall for Spring Festival transportation in 2019, a total of more than 180 people attended, including the person in charge of the road traffic, the vehicle management personnel and the heads from the relevant departments of each subdistrct office of Wanbailin District Government.

During the training, Taiyuan Traffic Police Detachment mid-team leader Yue Peng, combined with the actual case, gave a detailed explanation on road traffic laws and regulations, the potential and prominent risks, the driving common sense in bad weather, as well as the harm of some illegal activities, such as overcrowding ,overload , drinking driving and drunk driving, and finally appealed for caring for life, safe trip and having a peaceful and auspicious Spring Festival.