Li Jian Conducts Supervision at Linfen Company

2019-01-21 09:58:34  Views

On January 7, Li Jian, deputy general manager of Xishan Coal and Electricity Group, led a group to Linfen Company to conduct supervision, listen to the working report in 2018, and put forward suggestions for the work in 2019.

Li Jian spoke highly of the work of Linfen Company and affirmed their unremitting efforts in the past one year. He required the company to do a good job unswervingly in mergers and reorganization, and resource expansion under the premise of ensuring the smooth completion of the production task in 2019, and make contributions to be stronger and bigger of Group Company while giving full consideration to its survival and development.

Li Jian hoped that as a regional company, it would develop flexibly, never flinch no matter how difficult it is, and insist on seeking development for the enterprise and welfare for the employees.