Coking Coal Logistics Online - Xishan Sub-platform Established

2019-01-03 17:09:19  Views£º

December 27, coking coal logistics online platform and Xishan Coal and Electricity logistics company signed a cooperation framework agreement, formally established coking coal logistics online - Xishan sub-platform, which was the first cooperation between coking coal logistics online and Shanxi Coking Coal internal enterprise.

After the establishment , the platform would integrate the logistics information resources of grassroots enterprise, set up the internal information real-time exchange mechanism, achieve the resource sharing through information sharing, and realize the informatization management of the material transportation and other links .

It was learned that ‘coking coal logistics online’ was the logistics service platform of Shanxi Coking Coal ‘coking coal online’ e-commerce trading. It mainly served the internal logistics business of Shanxi Coking Coal, meanwhile, integrated social logistics resources, used the mode of Internet + logistics, optimized logistics information resource management, realized the effective coordination of business process and transport capacity, improved the management level of logistics industry, and finally reduced the operation costs.