Shanxi People's Congress Standing Committee Secretary-general Li Renhe Investigates in Xishan Coal E

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November 22, Li Renhe, secretary-general of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress, led a research group of people’s congress deputies to Group Company for investigation, who were received by Wang yubao, Party secretary and chairman of Group Company.

The participants exchanged views on topics, such as improving the working system of deputies, optimizing their structure and increasing their ability to perform the duties.

Wang Yubao introduced the basic situation of the enterprise and the current coal market situation to the research group. He said that as a deputy to the provincial people's congress, he would combine the enterprise with the major policies and overall development situation of our province in the future, learn more and put forward more good opinions and suggestions, actively play a representative role to make contributions to the high-quality development of Shanxi Province.

Li Renhe said it was necessary to effectively improve the political standing of deputies and safeguard their dignity and authority. Through strengthening the study and training of the deputies, it would improve the quality of their proposals and participation, and urge them to perfect the working mechanisms so as to push their work forward the first-class.