Xishan Gym Rebuilding Enters a Crucial Stage

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Xishan Gymnasium (originally known as Xishan Mining Area Recreational and Sports Room) was built in 1991 and put into use by the end of the year. 27 years passed,because the Gym fell into disrepair and some venues closed , Group Company decided to upgrade it, and Jincheng First Engineering Company undertook the project to rebuild steel structure roofing. Start on August 28, the project was planned to be completed on December 24 this year wih the contract period of 118 days. After two months of intensive work, currently the steel grid roof had been demolished and the new steel roof were under construction.

After the upgrading of Xishan Gymnasium, it not only could greatly meet the growing spiritual and cultural , fitness needs of worker masses, but also would provide a place for holding large sports events ,grand variety performances and important activities for Group Company.