Shanxi Coking Coal Outside Directors Investigate in Xishan Coal and Electricity

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November 7,Shanxi Coking Coal outside directors Li Hong , Wang Xinping and the related leaders visited Xishan Coal Electricity for investigation and convene a symposium, Xishan trade union chairman Guo Wenbin attended.

The guests first went to Xishan Thermal Power Company turbine workshop and central control room to learn about the production scale, installed capacity, operation mode and heating area, etc.

Then, they came to the safety culture corridor, miner’s lamp house, waiting hall and industrial square to know about the basic situation of Guandi Mine, watched the operation of three-dimensional visual information system in the dispatching center, and learned about the running condition of underground gas monitoring system in mine.

At the symposium, Guo Wenbin welcomed the arrival of Shanxi Coking Coal outside directors, briefly introduced the basic profiles of Xishan Coal and Electricity, and hoped that the outside directors would come to the grassroots to guide the work, give more valuable opinions, and point out the development way for the enterprise.

Shanxi Coking Coal outside directors Li Hong and Wang Xinping fully affirmed the achievements of Xishan Coal and Electricity in management, reform and development ,and Party's construction in recent years ,proceed full communication about the business situation and the existing main problems, pointed out that the enterprise should continue to focus on its main business, take safety as its priority task, arrange the production and business reasonability, apply the modern enterprise management system, and make contributions to the development of Shanxi Coking Coal.