Inspur Group Vice President Wei Daisen Came to Visit

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October 24, Xishan Coal Electricity Group Company deputy general manager Yu Jianjun met with Wei Daisen, Inspur Group vice president, and the two sides held a discussion on advancing enterprise information construction.

Wei Daisen introduced the development status of Inspur Group and its working practice in the coal industry. He said that Inspur Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanxi Coking Coal Group in the early stage, aiming to strengthen cooperation with Xishan and utilize its advantages to provide support for the information construction of Xishan Coal Electricity and help to its transformation and upgrading.

Yu Jianjun said that as a leading manufacturer of server, cloud computing and big data service provider with advanced technology and solid strength, Inspur Group hoped the two sides to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages through the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership, promote the construction of Xishan Coal and Electricity safety production data system, build up platforms for the enterprise cost management, human resource, material supply, financial sharing, etc., formulate rational  and informationization plan, enhance the capacity of enterprise technology innovation driven, and finally achieve win-win cooperation.