Taiyuan SASAC and Education Bureau Came to Xishan to Investigate the Separation and Transfer of Pre-

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October 17, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Taiyuan and the research team of Education Bureau came to Group Company to investigate the separation and transfer of pre-school education, and coordinate and solve the existing problems.

During the discussion, the child-care center reported the basic information of pre-school education, such as, school scale, number of serviced people, and faculty.

The research group said that Group Company had a high-quality preschool education resources, its separation and transfer was a general trend, which not only could reduce the burden of enterprises, but also enhance the level of district education .It was hoped that the enterprise would strengthen the connectivity with the relevant government departments, communicate and coordinate, get to the truth, make a common reasonable plan , strive for supports in policies, programs and finance, explore ways of reforming and restructuring, cooperative preschool education, which all lay the foundation for further separation and transfer.