SACMS Investigated the Feasibility of Coal Mining with Filling in Xishan

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According to the key work arrangement of SACMS (State Administration of Coal Mine Safety) in 2018, August 20, the research team led by professor Li Xinwang from Hebei University of Engineering came to Xishan Coal Electricity to investigate the coal mining with filling. Hou Shuiyun, chief engineer of Shanxi Coking Coal Group and He Zhihong, chief engineer of Xishan Coal Elelctricity Group gave the reception.

At the meeting, Dongqu Mine and Design Institute reported the preparation. Combined with the actual situation and future development trend of China's coal mines, the research team summarized and classified the existing coal mining technology with filling, and analyzed the characteristics of mining technology, filling material, filling cost and industrial application,etc..

It was learnt that coal filling-mining was to fill the waste gangue and other incombustible materials into the goaf of the working face to control roof caving and manage the roof safely. Meanwhile, filling-mining, as an important part of the green mining technology system, was the most effective way to improve resource recovery and reduce environmental damage.

Hou Shuiyun said that the two-level Group Companies would attach great importance ,gradually improve the promotion and application of new technologies from point to area. It was hoped that the expert group could further study the existing problems of the new technology, ensure the success of the new technology in the popularization and application, enhance the confidence of the users and advance the safe and efficient development of the mines.